Pretty as a Picture

19 Mar

I’ve been consumed as of late with one very beautiful miniature man. That being said, losing my glam side was not in the cards for this mama. Of course, there are days when I am feeling less-than-glamorous.  But these are by choice, usually.  We have “pajama days” when both the bambino and I prefer to spend the day clad in jammies.  The other days, I manage to at least tousle the locks, and, of course, apply an abundant coat of mascara and my trusty nude lipliner.  This, as well as my fancy workout gear, makes me feel like a glam mama on the go.  Which got me to thinking about pictures.  If you wonder how I got to the subject of photography from that, well, welcome to my discombobulated brain.  I mean, actually, my train of thought went something like – baby, mommy with baby, baby being obscenely cute, baby being photographed a lot, mom being in photos, mom needing to look glam in said photos.  See?  Not that confusing.  So, important to consider is the subject of looking glam in pictures.  Many have mastered this.  They are pictured below.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have step-by-step instructions on how to take a perfect picture, though? Leave it to me, glammies.

1. Step out glamorous.  This should be a given.  If you don’t look your best, opt not to be in the photo. But if you do, hop in there and say cheese.  I, for one, want adorable pictures of my baby, and naturally I want adorable pictures with my baby.

2.  Turn sideways.  Even while sitting, it is quite easy to tilt your little bod to the side a bit to slenderize yourself.  It works, I promise.

3.  Show your best side.  I know this because I have a pretty deep dimple on my left side when I smile.  So, what to do? Make darn sure that dimple is in the pic.

4.  Chin out and down.  Never heard this one?  Well try it in the mirror and you will see how great you look when you try it.  No one wants a double chin, and this is a tried-and-true method to avoiding seventeen chins.  Fast fact: seventeen chins are really only cute on babies.

5.  Tell photog to never, ever, ever take a picture from low down looking up at you.  Never.  It’s a surefire way to get a fugly photo every time complete with the seventeen chins again, and I don’t recommend it.  Best shot is usually from a bit above your face, in my experience.  So tell those sweet husbands to avoid the low-down shot he thinks is so artistic.  It’s not, and we vain wives actually want to look good in the pictures!

6.  Elbows out. No one wants to look like all the pilates sessions haven’t paid off.  We want toned, slim arms.  The best way to achieve this is with the elbow-out method.  If you’re standing, this is easy, just put your hand on your hip, do a cool Number 2 (as discussed above), and flash a fabulous smile.

7. Legs, crossed, ladies.  That’s right – one leg in front of the other for your skinniest, best shot.

Let’s put it all together now.  You can successfully show up looking glam, turn a bit to the side, tilt the chin out and down, look up a tad at the camera, perch the hand on the hip, and cross your gorgeous gams (if standing).  The result: a photo you want to keep, post, send to love interest, refer to, and show off.

Kate Hudson covering steps 1-4 nicely.

Jessica Alba demonstrating a proper step #6.

LC showing us how to master steps 1, 3, and 5 with flair.

So say cheese and be proud of that pic!

Ta ta for now 🙂


Polished Off

16 Sep

Many glammies don’t give a whole lot of thought to the burning question: what color toenail polish best goes with these shoes?  (Eek! It’s such an important global issue, right??) But, if you have a seriously glamorous new pair of heels, and want to look perfect down to your toes, you can’t just gloss over your pedicure color choice. If you need some inspiration or just can’t decide, here are some cute options to help you change it up a bit.  Personally, I’m loving the greys and chocolates color family as of late – on trend, a bit edgy, and neutral enough to match pretty much any type of glam heel you choose. I looooove Chanel Particuliere, which is a limited edition color and (possibly) only available online these days.

Grey or chocolate polish would look phenom with these little beauties

Perfectly neutral and perfectly in style.

Glow Girl

1 Sep

Hayden Panettiere has mastered the glow

As we sail into Fall (wait, how is it September already?), I can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining your glam summer glow. Just because the seasons change does not mean you have to go into pasty, lackluster skin mode.  With a few simple products, you can keep up your glow without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Tips and Tricks:

Ooooh! Mama Like!

31 Jul

The ‘Mama Like’ list for late Summer and Fall is growing like mad.  I’ve collected a few pregnant-lady essentials, like leggings (critical to comfort and style), and J Brand maternity jeans. And some are just looks that I am coveting as I envision my even more enlarged, yet stylish self. Enjoy, and meanwhile the hubs and I will be babymooning in Cabo.  Mocktail, please! Adios, mis glammies*.

J Brand bootcut maternity jeans


Ingrid and Isabel leggings which I will likely be living in

Swoon. Obsessed with her bump and ensemble.

Minus those hideous boots, Jenna Elfman has it together here.

Adorable with the below-the-bump belt.

*And for a few more items to drool over, visit my good friend’s website and darling store in OC: Xpecting Maternity.  She has – hands down – the cutest items for your maternity cravings!

Sugar Sugar

12 Jul

Using sugar to pull out your body hair? Sounds somewhat…strange, right? Well, body sugaring, as it’s called, is not exactly a new thing.  In fact, it’s a technique that’s been used for thousands of years by ancient cultures in Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East (certifiably hairy people that have had centuries of authority on this matter). It’s an all-natural way to remove hair that uses a heated mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice.  Yup, that’s it.  No wax!  Aestheticians roll it up into a sticky ball and spread it over the hairy area, then use a cotton cloth to remove the hair.

Among its benefits are the fact that sugaring adheres to the hair, not your skin, so it is much less irritating.  For someone like me, this is a big selling point. And because of this, it is said to be less painful.  From experience, I would say it is sliiightly less painful than waxing.  But it also works much better.  I mean, it works really well.  No ingrown hairs.  Not a single one in my almost five weeks since my last appointment.  And skin is perfectly smooth and un-sticky when you walk out (as opposed to wax that can linger on skin.  Yuck). Oh, and very little regrowth too.  The hair grows in noticeably softer and thinner than before, making your next sugaring appointment even less painful (always a plus!), and also making bikini-clad glammies everywhere very confident and happy all summer long.  It is recommended glammies go back for maintenance sugaring every 4-6 weeks.

Listed benefits:

  • Sugar is applied with the gloved hand — no spatula or cotton strips required.
  • Sugar will never burn the skin, as it is barely lukewarm; hot wax can burn and bruise the skin.
  • Sugar does not stick to live skin cells; wax adheres to live skin cells and when removed pulls the skin, increasing the risk of tearing and redness.
  • Sugaring is so gentle it can be used to remove the vellus hair that grows on some women’s faces, and is safe to remove hair on the male scrotum; wax is risky for both.
  • Sugar is a hypoallergenic natural healer of the skin; wax damages fine tissue cells.
  • Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar; it does in wax.
  • Sugar is water soluble so cleanup is easy; wax requires solvents to clean.

Bottom line?  House of Glam Beauty highly recommends this technique of hair removal.  There are loads of spas and salons that offer it.  Here’s a link to the salon I go to, which also offers an informational yet cheesy video about sugaring.  Sweet!

Expecting Glamour

29 Jun

It should come as no surprise that staying glam is one of my goals during this often bizarre/beautiful time called pregnancy. And for those of you who are also expecting, or who have babies of your own, you know that this can be a difficult task…what with the puffiness, hormones, weight gain, etc. that seem to accompany pregnancy.  However, it can be done.  I’m not saying you need to look like Gisele did when she was pregnant, but you can definitely do more than just roll out in sweats every day.  I mean, we’re already working on a lot: incubating, staying healthy, not drinking.  We may as well work on staying glam too!

What’s been working for me during this lovely gestational period, you ask? Seeing as it is summer, and I am not yet in the I-am-huge phase yet, I have been sporting (read: wearing every day) a few noteworthy items. First up is maxi dresses.  They are ideal for all you preggos out there, because typically they have extra room in the midsection to cover our ample bellies and still look cute.  I seriously have about eight maxi dresses that I alternate.  The plusses: they can be worn during the day or night, they allow for belly growth, they are comfy, and they come in glam styles.  Done and done.

Maxi Dresses. Instant preggo glam.

Another item I can’t seem to live without are my Forever 21 tanks. Advantages: specifically, these tanks (more than others I’ve found) are quite long, so they provide coverage over the bump, and can be accessorized with jewelry, jackets, and just about every single thing in your wardrobe. Oh, and they’re, like, usually around $5 each.  Score.

Show off that glam bump with this wardrobe necessity.

Lastly, platform sandals and wedges have been a staple (Those of you who are nine months along are probably not in agreement due to swollen little sausage toes, but just humor me for now). Wedges provide the necessary glamour that I get from heels, yet they are still pretty comfy.  Annnd, they can be worn with maxi dresses and any tank/jeans ensemble. I may not be rocking stilettos (as often), but a preggie glammie still needs her heels, after all!  I love these wedges I just got at the Nordstrom sale.

Height without the ouch

See? You can be glamorous this summer, pregnant or not!


More Haute, Less Hippie

10 May

One Spring trend that seems unavoidable is tie dye.  It’s evvverywhere.  If tie dye makes you squeamish like it initially made me, then read on.  I was like, “F no am I ever to be seen in tie dye.” I had visions of this:

Never, ever, ever

But being the open-minded girl that I am, I reconsidered when I started catching glimpses of tie dye that seemed to be – dare I say it – glam! After proper research both in-store and online, I have found that tie dye, in small doses, can be quite the eye catcher in a good way.  The trick seems to be in the dosing.  A scarf here, a bikini there.  You can even choose a tie dyed sundress if the dye is not shown in any sort of hideous 18-color peace-love pattern.  The tie dye of today is much more chic and organic than its ugly decades-old cousin. Try these below looks as examples, but please don’t overdo it or I may have to rip it right off of you!